Parc Botannia Price List

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ConfigurationUnit TypeSqmSqftStackNo. of UnitsPrice Min.Price Max.
1 Bedroom1BR1, 1-P, 3-P, 4-P4043108, 14, 17 23, 31, 3466SOLD OUTSOLD OUT
1BRS1, S1-P, S24750601, 09, 10,18, 27, 35126SOLD OUTSOLD OUT
2 Bedroom2BRC1, C1-P, C1-H, C2, C2-P, C2-H54-65581-70019, 22, 23, 2683SOLD OUTSOLD OUT
2BRP1, P1-P, P1-H, P2, P2-H62-73667-78604, 05, 13, 14, 30, 31123$932,000$1,115,000
2BRSa, Sb, S-P, S-H1, S-H272-87775-93602, 11, 2863$932,000$1,115,000
3 Bedroom3BRC1a, C1b, C1-H1, C1-H2, C2a, C2b, C2-P, C2-H80-95861-102307, 12, 16, 2984$1,118,000$1,462,000
3BRP1a, P1b, P1-P, P1-H, P2a, P2b, P2-P, P2-H, P3a, P3b, P3-P, P3-H89-108958-116303, 15, 24, 32105$1,118,000$1,462,000
4 Bedroom4BRCa, Cb, C-P, C-H105-1241130-13352021SOLD OUTSOLD OUT
4BRPa, Pb, P-P, P-H116-1401249-150721, 2542SOLD OUTSOLD OUT
5 Bedroom5BRa, b, P, H131-1561410-16790621$1,912,000$1,935,000

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